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My name is Jürgen Bergman. I live in Solna, Sweden. I started with photography years ago with an Konica FC1, back in that time there were only cameras with negative film, not digital as it is now. Then it was costly to experiment with settings to get that picture. Today the technique is basically the same with great benefits to see the photo in the camera and get a hint of how the picture may become in the end. Photos you can find anywhere only you open your mind and look at the world with a little square eyes and you'll see that there is lots to photograph. The photography gives me time to develop my creative side with shot composition, lighting conditions, and especially for me to learn new technology in the digital photography world. I am a big fan of Nick Brandt, who is so incredibly good at capturing animal soul to affect one to see his photos. None of the images are manipulated. The only thing I can think of to do in Photoshop is to crop the image in my post-processing. My goal is to master the technology in the camera and the photo will be as perfect as it gets through my knowledge once I have pressed the trigger.

I want to thank my wife Monica, who has shown great patience with me since we bought the Canon 500D. For the most part so are the camera in my hand all the time. But also because I've had time to develop both my photography, the time to edit photos in Photoshop

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